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Termatech Stoves

Termatech stoves are predominantly wood-burning and come in an array of different sizes, shapes and budgets to suit every occasion. They are not your traditional looking stove and tend to be more cylindrical, larger than normal and in many cases they make more of a centrepiece than the vast majority of stoves available today.
Termatech TT1
The Termatech TT1 stove is one of the leading components of the Termatech stove portfolio offering a very interesting and very different contemporary wood-burning stove. Those who are looking towards the contemporary stove market are likely to find some very interesting shapes and sizes with the Termatech TT1 wood-burning stove leading away
Termatech TT1-W
The Termatech TT1W wood burning stove is a perfect example of the modern day wall mounted wood-burning stove and comes with a distinctive look and a distinctive feel. The Termatech TT1W stove is from a growing portfolio of square shaped silver stoves which are the distinctive hallmark of the Termatech range.
Termatech TT1Z
The Termatech TT1Z wood burning stove is another from the Termatech range which is again very distinctive and proving more popular as time goes by.
Termatech TT2
Like so many of the Termatech wood-burning stoves on offer today the Termatech TT2 stove UK has a very rounded front viewing panel which is curved to give a panoramic effect. There is no doubt that the ability to literally look deep into your stove and watch the burning embers flicker has been one of the major selling points for the Termatech TT2 wood burning stove.
Termatech TT3
If you're looking to buy a Termatech TT3 wood burning stove then you are certainly not on your own as this particular model offers a number of elements which will attract woodburning stove enthusiast throughout the UK. Viewed from the front you'll see the extended and the enlarged viewing area, something which is proving very popular with consumers, as well as the log store situated just below the main body of the store.
Termatech TT3S
Termatech TT3H
We have been amazed for some time that those looking to buy a Termatech TT3S woodburning stove having many ways yet to wake up to the full capacity of this particular stove. As the basic Termatech TT3 woodburning stove continues to sell well, it is the introduction of a soapstone cover which has been overlooked by many people.
The Termatech TT3H wood burning stove is an interesting mixture of all that is good about the Termatech stove UK range. It takes in the now familiar steel shape which is tall, slender and very elegant as well as offering something a little contemporary and something a little different.
Termatech TT3HS
Termatech TT10
Termatech TT10S
Termatech TT10G
We have the basic Termatech TT3, the TT3H, the TT3S and now we have the Termatech TT3HS stove which is an interesting option offering elements from each of the TT3 range. As you can see in the picture, the Termatech TT3HS is encased in soapstone and also incorporates the very interesting and very useful soapstone shelf/compartment that we saw in the TT3H model
The Termatech TT10 stove is the latest in a line of Termatech stoves which now cater for a whole variety of needs in the wood-burning stove market. While at first glance the Termatech TT10 stove may seem little different from the earlier Termatech stoves, if you're looking to buy a Termatech TT10 stove the first thing that should hit you is the extra elevation on the glass front panel.
If you're looking to buy a Termatech TT10S stove then you have certainly come to the right place because we can offer you the best deals around on this very visually eye-catching and well manufactured woodburning stove. The Termatech TT10S woodburning stove is created around the ever popular Termatech TT10 edition with a number of features to enhance the popularity of this model as well as its attractions.
The Termatech TT10G stove is certainly something different in the very popular Termatech stove range because as you can see from the picture, as well as a large front viewing area it also has glass panels at the side for additional effect. So not only are you able to see exactly what is going on within the Termatech TT10G stove but the glow of the burning embers will also give a very impressive effect in your room.
Termatech TT10H
Termatech TT10HS
Termatech TT40
The Termatech TT10H woodburning stoves is one of the taller in the Termatech stove range and one of those contemporary stoves that can literally fill a room and immediately become a focal point. This is a slim, slender, contemporary and very attractive woodburning stove which also comes with a soapstone compartment/shelf where you can keep your beverages warm.
The Termatech TT10HS stove is from the ever-growing TT10 range which is one of the more popular contemporary stove ranges in the UK today. As you will see in the picture, the TT10HS stove is a fairly large machine in stature and is perfect for larger rooms where a more prominent focal point is required
The Termatech TT40 Stove is one of the latest models to be released by Termatech and takes in the best elements of the earlier Termatech stove range. The TT40 stove is on the more compact side of the earlier Termatech stove dimensions although it is worth noting that varies hinges are now hidden within the machine, the arch glass at the front gives an improved viewing area while also offering the highest quality combustion system
Termatech TT40S
For those looking to buy a Termatech TT40S woodburning stove the wait is over as the company has released a soapstone version of the popular Termatech TT40 stove. The technical specifications of the Termatech TT40S are exactly the same as the original TT40 although as you can see from the picture the stove itself is surrounded by a soapstone casing.